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Yokomo 1/10 YZ-2 Buggy 2WD Car Kit

Rp 4.500.000
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Item No: B-YZ2 - 1/10 RC Car Kit (Buggy 2WD Competition)The Euro champion Lee Martin's YZ-2 battling in the Euro Offroad Series 

Yokomo is entrenched within RC racing history as a brand that defined 4WD electric off-road competition. From 1985 to 1997, Yokomo won six of the period’s seven IFMAR 4WD Electric Worlds titles with legends Gil Losi Jr., Masami Hirosaka, Cliff Lett, and Mark Pavidis wheeling for the iconic brand. Yokomo is less known for its 2WD buggies, but that may well change with the release of the YZ-2 and the potential for Yokomo’s first-ever Worlds win in 2WD competition. With the YZ-2, Yokomo has created a special buggy to handle the unusual, extremely high-bite conditions expected from the 2015 Worlds’ Astroturf track surface. The car is a dedicated mid-motor configuration with an aggressively laid-down transmission and forward weight-bias meant to reduce the chance of traction-rolling and improve stability. The YZ-2 has already created quite a buzz among serious off-road electric racers and now we get to see what Yokomo’s Worlds-weapon can really do.

The front of the buggy incorporates a “backward,” dual-bellcrank steering rack. The design is meant to provide “more direct steering response,” the YZ-2 was indeed extremely responsive on the track. In addition to the unique configuration, the bellcranks’ machined aluminum construction no doubt contributes to the right-now steering feel. There’s no slop in the bearing-supported parts, and the aluminum assures the bellcranks are flex-free. To set Ackerman, spacers are installed beneath the tie-rods’ ball studs.

      The YZ-2’s suspension components have excellent fit and finish and tighter tolerances that can be felt on the track, and the car is extremely adjustable. Rear toe and anti-squat is set via inserts in the aluminum hingepin blocks, and the front skid angles can be set to 0, 2.5, or 5 degrees using bushings in front hub carriers. Roll center is adjustable both by selecting different mounting positions for the camber links’ vertical ball studs, and by raising and lowering the studs with spacers. Users can also swap out the 30° front kickup plate for an optional 25° version. The front arms are flat and symmetrical, so a spare arm can be installed as a right or a left. Yokomo also offers “gullwing” arms as an option to further tune steering and suspension feel.

      The YZ-2 follows the current “big bore” trend with its 12mm threaded shock bodies. The shocks are hard-coated and have dual X-ring seals, and Yokomo supplies tools that make it easy to hold the shock bodies and seal caps to properly tighten them. The shocks are an emulsion design (no bladder), and the top caps have bleed holes so it’s easy to fill the shocks properly. The kit comes with plastic caps, but I installed Yokomo’s optional aluminum caps. The shocks mount to thick 3mm graphite shock towers, and Yokomo includes a spacer for the rear tower that allows it to be shifted rearward so the shocks can be mounted on the rear of the arms if desired—though the manual does not explain under what track conditions you would want to do so, or what the benefit is to the rear-mount position.


      • 2-Channel radio system
      • Electronic Speed Control
      • Motor
      • Steering servo
      • Battery pack
      • Compatible battery charger
      • 1/10 buggy tires & tire glue
      • Polycarbonate paint for body