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Yokomo 1/10 BD8 2017 Black Series Touring Car Chassis Kit (Graphite)

Rp 6.400.000
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Item No: MRTC-BD8 - 1/10 Electric Car Kit (Competition)Here is Nicholas Lee of Singapore, beating all the top drivers in TITC A Main 2 with his Yokomo BD8 (video courtesy of Red RC Live)

IFMAR World Champion!
The Yokomo BD8 2017 Black Series 1/10 Electric Touring Car Kit is Yokomo's flagship touring car platform. By earning the 2016 IFMAR ISTC Champion crown, the BD8 2017 has proven itself at the highest levels. The chassis features a variety of updates and setup options that allow you to tune it for for both high and low grip coditions, making it an ideal chassis for serious racers.

Note: Wheels, tires and electronics shown in photos are for illustrative purposes only and are not included. See needed to complete list below for a full list of items required to complete the model.

IFMAR Champion Ronald Volker's BD8 2017 (almost standard), read here


  • Center Aligned Front Belt System: The front belt now runs up the middle of the car which improves the car's balance and smoothness during on-power acceleration.
  • Large 20T Centre Pulley: The center pulley has been changed to allow the front and rear belt to run off the same pulley, providing a longer wear for front and rear belts while also providing improved acceleration.
  • Bush / Insert Suspension Blocks: Yokomo have now moved to the bush / insert style suspension blocks, allowing a simple and wide range of roll center adjustment. 
  • Motor Mount / Flex System: The BD8 2017 carries a smaller motor mount design, which has moved the motor forward inboard (Center) to improve the cars overall balance. The motor mount also has screw placements underneath the chassis which will improve the cars overall grip and corner speed.
  • Lightweight Graphite Plastics: The BD8 Suspension arms, Front Caster Blocks, Knuckles, and rear hubs are molded from a unique lightweight graphite. This material improves the cars performance in a range of different conditions.
  • Servo Mount: The redesigned servo mount runs further up the center line of the chassis making a slight adjustment to the flex characteristics of the car. The servo mount is included as standard.
  • Front Double Joint DCJ's: Yokomo 's high-quality front DCJ's are included as standard.
  • Bulkhead X Braces: Carried over from the BD7, the X braces gives drivers more tuning options in different conditions.
  • Big Bore SLF 2 Short Shocks: Yokomo's big bore high capacity shocks which also carry a low COG design are included as standard.

Requires (not included in the box):

  • 2-Channel radio system
  • Electronic Speed Control (ESC)
  • 540 Motor
  • Steering servo
  • 7.4V LiPo battery pack 
  • Compatible battery charger
  • Touring car tires
  • 190mm touring car body
  • Polycarbonate paint for body

Setup Info is available here (courtesy of Petit RC)

Watch the world champ, Ronald Volker, passing and winning in A main 3. Thanks to Red RC Live