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Yokomo 1/10 BD7 2016 Full Conversion Kit (for all prior BD7 models)

Rp 4.200.000
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Item No: B7-16C - 1/10 RC Car Conversion KitWatch for Barry Baker's BD7 2016 in action

This is the Yokomo BD7 2016 Full Conversion Kit. This kit will convert any prior BD7 model (even RS) to the full fledged BD7 2016 purebred race machine.

The BD7 2016 features many improvements of previous models, with the objective of creating a vehicle with a super-low center-of-gravity, for overwhelming corner speed and throttle response. To achieve this design, the vehicle incorporates small sized differential pulley's, with all related black anodized aluminum parts being redesigned as well. The short big bore shocks have also been reworked to achieve the objective.


  • Full conversion kit includes all parts
  • Convert any BD7 model
  • Updated small diff pulleys
  • Updated black anodized aluminum parts w/chamfered edges
  • Updated big bore short shocks


  • Updated Main Chassis
  • Updated Upper Deck
  • Updated Shock Tower F/R
  • Updated Short Shock set
  • Updated Front Pulley
  • Updated Gear Differential Unit
  • Updated Aluminum Bulk Head A/B/C
  • Updated Aluminum Bulk Head Cap A/B/C
  • Updated Aluminum Motor Mount
  • Updated Drive Pulley
  • Updated Direct Main Gear Adapter
  • Updated Main Gear Shaft
  • Updated Belt F/R
  • Aluminum Battery Holder
  • Body Post