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Yokomo 1/10 Drift Package YD-4 4WD EP Competition Drift Car Chassis Kit

Rp 4.200.000
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Item No: DP-YD4 - 1/10 RC Car Kit (Drift Competition)

"Stylish" driving style requires the chassis to be controllable under all conditions. Tanso (Single/Solo) runs that are performed at your near limits and Tsuiso (Tandem/Battle) runs where you aim to match your opponent all require you to put your machine under your control, which becomes a key point in improved performance, says R&D chief and Team Yokomo Drift Leader Matsuzaki Hayato. Placing the center of mass low, and towards the center of the chassis allows for quick initiations and drift angle stability, while the drift specific suspension and steering rack (Steel Construction) allows for more line tracing freedom.

The best feature of YD-4.
It is the professional competition machine which possible to get the podium in stock configuration without any hop-up options!

Front Suspension
The front suspension utilizes a rigid ‘H’ arm. It increases steering response and line trace accuracy, preferred by expert drivers. Standard ‘H’ arm type suspension tends to have steering angle limitations and clearance issues compared to an ‘I’ arm. The YD-4 resolves this issue with an exclusive suspension arm that has a compact hub carrier. Its 55 degree maximum steering angle is the highest in its class.

The steering block is a narrow scrub type to achieve neutral steering feel. The block also has added KPI for movement close to that of an actual car to achieve a more realistic drifting style. The slide steering rack system, capable of precise Ackermann geometry while holding a large steering angle, is precision made steel construction, supported by bearings on eccentric posts for fine clearance adjustments and limits wheel play to a minimum while steering.

Weight Distribution
By gathering most of the mass towards the center of the chassis, excess momentum while pivoting is reduced. This allows for sharp drift initiations and transitions, while maintaining high stability and control-ability in a drift. In addition to the pictured shorty LiPo, A simple change of the battery holder location allows for use of a standard size LiPo (Square/Round).

Although it uses gears common to the Drift Package series in the front and rear, the gear cases have been redesigned to allow the center of mass to be dropped by 2mm. (When compared to the DP) The shock tower also sits lower but the new body post design allows for the rear shocks to be mounted vertically. The shock spring retainers are also redesigned to allow for long springs. A sharp yet supple driving style is achievable.

Key Features

  • Length : 434mm ( including diffuser )
  • Width : 199mm
  • Wheelbase : 255mm ( adjustable )
  • Internal ratio : 2.35: 1
  • full complement weight : approx. 1500g
  • High efficient front-mid shaft drive 4WD chassis with Low Center of Gravity 
  • Central located mass and weight to high controllability 
  • Independent double wishbone suspension on all 4 wheels
  • High performance oil-filled shocks
  • High precision 3,0mm carbon chassis 
  • High precision 2,5mm carbon upper deck
  • High precision 4mm carbon shock towers 
  • New design LCG closed gearbox
  • New design floating motor mount
  • Slide rack steering system
  • New design 57 degree universal shafts
  • New design low scrub knuckles 
  • New YD-4 front one-way
  • Overdrive of 1.5 with FDC 1.5 spool (Euro-spec)
  • Large size rear diffuser

Required (not included in the box)

  • 2 Channel Radio Control system
  • ESC
  • Motor
  • Charger
  • Battery Pack
  • Body and Body Paint
  • Wheels and Tires