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Wall-Hugging Mouse

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Item No: 70198 - Educational Toy
No Need For Cheese
This fun little robot is powered by AA batteries (sold separately) and it features a sensor which allows it to detect the position of a nearby wall and move along it in a zig-zag pattern. It can be enjoyed as it is and budding engineers may even use its components in combination with other Tamiya Educational Construction products to create their own original robots. The body is made from clear blue ABS material to enable viewing of the internal mechanisms and may also be painted as you like. Stickers are included to depict the eyes, whiskers, and ears for a cute, comical look. A spring tail wags from side to side as the robot moves. This kit may be easily assembled without the need for any cement and the various mechanisms also come pre-wired. For smooth movement, the robot is equipped with a worm gearbox, rubber tires, and a ball caster.

Movement Mechanism
1) When the sensor rod loses contact with the wall, the right motor operates to cause the robot to turn left, back towards the wall. 2) When the sensor rod touches the wall, the right motor is stopped while the left motor operates to cause the robot to turn right, away from the wall. This repeated pattern results in a zig zag forward movement and you can also use other obstacles instead of a wall.

● Length: 140mm (excluding sensor rod and tail)
● Chassis: ABS material ●Body: Clear Blue ABS material
● 2 motors included (pre-wired)
● Running Time: About 6hrs on one R6/AA/UM3 alkaline battery (sold separately)