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Tamiya TSU-02 Servo (for Tamtech)

Rp 331.000
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Item No: 45034 - RC Car Servo (TamTech)

  • Servo unit designed for use with TamTech-Gear Series
  • Compact size allows perfect fit into chassis frame, while high torque motor provides sharp response.


    • Operating Angle: One side more than 45 degrees
    • Current Consumption: 8mA (using 6.0V battery)
    • Output Torque: 3.3kg*cm (using 6V battery)
    • Operating Speed: 0.14sec/60 degrees (using 6V battery)
    • Power Supply: 4.8~6.0V
    • Domensions: 32x16x34.5mm
    • Weight: 26 g