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Tamiya ESC TRF Volac Brushless BL2 (Produced by TRF)

Rp 2.000.000
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Item No: 42144 - RC ESC

Tamiya has redesigned the Volac brushless speed controller, the Volac Brushless BL2. Marc Rheinard used this speed controller to win the 2008 IRMAR World Championship

  • 10 Power Profiles are available, allowing you to adjust the ESC to your ideal settings for on-road or off-road, and low or high-traction tracks
  • 10 adjustable Automatic Brake settings allow you to set the level of braking action while the throttle is in neutral range
  • Advanced design enables the ESC to run cooler in all racing conditions
  • Features a Tamiya logo on the blue metal plated outer case
  • For: on-road/off-road, for brushless motor only
  • Running Mode: Forward/brake
  • Case Size: 30.5x34x21mm
  • Weight (exclude wire): 36g
  • Voltage Input: 4.8-7.2v
  • Typical Voltage Drop @20A: 0.013V/phase
  • Rated Current: 764A/phase
  • Rec. Motor Limit with 5 cells (6.0V): over 2.5 turns
  • Rec. Motor Limit with 6 cells (7.2V): over 3.0 turns
  • B.E.C: 6.0V/3.0A
  • High Frequency: Yes
  • Sensored Brushless System: Yes
  • Multi-Protection-System: Yes
  • 4 Adjustable Modes: AutoCell System, ADPC2 Power Profiles, Initial- and Automatic-Brake
  • Power Wires: 3.3mm square
  • 4, 5, 6 Cell Optimised: Yes
  • Internal-Temp-Check System2: Yes
  • Launch Control: Yes
  • C3 (Copper Core Cooling) Technology: Yes
  • Detachable Cooling Fan: Yes

*Do not use for drift driving.

Compatible Motors

  • Tamiya Transpeed Brushless Motor (12mm Dia. Rotor) (6.5T-9.5T)
  • Tamiya Transpeed Brushless Motor (3.5T-7.5T)


  • ESC x 1pc. (Wires and connectors are not included. Requires soldering by users)
  • Detachable cooling fan x 1pc
  • Cooling fan attachment screws x 4pcs
  • Hall sensor wire x 1pc
  • Nylon tie-wrap x 3pcs
  • Double-sided tape x 1pc