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Solar Car Kit

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Item No: 76012 - Educational Toy

Originally released as Item 76001 in 1991, this solar car model's main frame is now molded in clear blue. It runs on solar energy, which it converts into electricity via its solar panel. Its speed is influenced by the strength of the sun’s rays and the angle of the solar panel. The kit includes everything needed for easy snap-fit/screw together assembly, including solar panel, motor and plastic frame/chassis and wheels. Simple wiring (no soldering) is required to complete the assembly. Solar panel angle and gear ratio (3 settings) can be adjusted. 

  • Dimensions (approx.) L: 245mm, W:81mm, H:76mm
  • Features a clear blue molded plastic body.
  • 3 gear ratios: 1.7:1, 2.2:1 and 3.4:1.
  • Steerable front wheels.
  • Solar cells have epoxy coating to make them less vulnerable to breakage when dropped.