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Tamiya Mechanical Swimmer (Freestyle, Butterfly, Backstroke)

Rp 380.000

Item No:71126 - Educational Robocraft Series No.26 Can Perform 3 Swimming Styles
Equipped with underwater gearbox and submarine motor mini, the Mechanical Swimmer utilizes the motor rotation to move the legs up and down via crank arms. Furthermore, gearbox movement is also delivered to the arms through rubber bands. By changing the position of the head, arms, and legs, the robot can perform three swimming styles. Polystyrene foam is installed within the swimmer's body as a float. Flexible legs are made with 0.3mm thick soft resin and create propulsion to swim. This kit features snap-on easy assembly and requires no cement for assembly

Swim in Circles
Depending on the position of the rudder, the robot can also swim in circles.

Move through the water alternately with both hands, you swim by moving up and down alternately feet. Head The point is attached to a position where it does not appear almost from the top of the fuselage.

The swimmer moves arms and legs simultaneously to swim. Head position is the same as that of the crawl style.

The arm and leg movement remains same as that of Crawl style, arm positions are opposite to crawl style.

●Length=170mm ●Body=ABS Resin with polystylene Polystylene form included. ●Legs=0.3mm soft resin. ●Submarine Motor Mini and Underwater Gearbox included. ●Requires R03/AAA/UM4 battery (sold separately) ●Swimming Time:Approx. 90 minutes (with alkaline battery)

How to Play
Float the swimmer on calm water surfaces