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Tamiya Rhinoceros Beetle

Rp 268.000
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Item No: 71118 - Educational Robocraft Series No.18

Fun Head-Bobbing Action
Take control this Rhinoceros Beetle robot via the included 2-channel remote controller. The two controller sticks operate separate gearboxes, enabling forward/reverse, and left/right movement. The legs of the robot insect are linked to the head, allowing fun bobbing action as the robot moves. Easy to assemble kit does not require any cement, and both the robot and remote controller body are made from clear plastic material, which enables the internal mechanisms to be viewed.

How to Operate
Move both left and right control sticks forward for forward movement, backward for reverse movement. Move left stick for right turn, right stick for left turn, and both sticks in opposite directions for 360-degree turn.

【 3 Types of Horns 】 Kit includes 3 types of horns that are interchangeable.

Hercules Beetle

Atlas Beetle

Japanese Beetle

Compete with Friends
Have your own exciting beetle battles using the Rhinoceros and Stag Beetle robots. Or you can put them on a mini soccer field for a game of beetle soccer!

Separately Required Items
2 R6/AA/UM3 alkaline batteries