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Tamiya Mini 4WD Spin Viper Black Special Limited Edition

Rp 274.000
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Item No: 92316 - Mini 4WD VS Chassis

VS Chassis
The VS Chassis is a lightweight and compact chassis with a short wheelbase. Hinged gear cover and battery holders make maintenance a simple task, so this chassis really is an excellent blend of easy use and high performance!

Compact and lightweight revolutionary VS Chassis!
New genaration VS Chassis has been developed specially for technical circuits. Compared with the Super X Chassis, the VS chassis features a 4mm shorter wheelbase and 6mm shorter tread width. Despite being 10.7g lighter than the Super X, the VS Chassis remains tough and durable. Gears come in a choice of two gear ratios: 3.5 : 1 and 4 : 1, allowing setting options. Of course Tamiya also produces and abundance of Grade-Up Parts for the VS Chassis, allowing you to get maximum performance. Use these tune-up options to design your machine as a super cornering racer or as a dragster.

Other Specs

  • Snap together assembly model. Requires no cement.
  • ON/OFF switch unit securely turns ON and OFF.
  • Ideally positioned front and rear guide roller stays enable fast cornering speed.