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Item No: 19402 - Mini 4WD
Retsu Seiba was the lead character of Japanese comic magazine "Bakuso Kyodai Let's & Go" and this is his machine the Sonic Saber. The Sonic Saber features a red and green livery and Retsu's kanji (emblem on the front of the bodyshell.

The Sonic Saber, much like its sister car Magnum Saber, featuring the curved, fully cowled bodyshell that covering the wheels. There's the rear body roller attachments in which user can install the 10 mm rollers on it. The bodyshell is mainly in white, with red and green trims on it.

Super 1 Chassis
The Super 1 Chassis itself is the next generation of the Zero Chassis, and it provides an enticing blend of speed and durability. Removable side stays give wide setting options, and the fully-cowled type small front tires contribute to the low center of gravity, with a 3mm ground clearance.

Separately Required Items
★R6/AA/UM3 batteries (x2)