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Neo Falcon

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Item No: 18617 - Mini 4WD Pro

The latest installment of our popular Mini 4WD PRO series again comes in a nostalgic form. Based on the earlier RC and Mini 4WD Falcon, this newly evolved body design features a sharp, low silhouette for a futuristic look.

MS Chassis
The excellent three piece MS Chassis has its motor and battery loaded in the centerpiece, which provides superb stability at high speeds.

Two types of nose units available

More about the Model:

  • Assembly kit 3-piece detachable MS chassis with midship motor layout.
  • Features the newly designed N-02 nose unit
  • Type 130 Double Shaft motor. Requires two R6/AA/UM3 batteries (sold separately).
  • Aggressive black body parts can be mounted on other MS chassis.
  • Equipped with 16mm rollers and white wheels.
  • No glue/cement necessary for easy assembly.