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Daihatsu Kopen FI XMZ Super-II

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Item No: 18082 - Mini 4WD

Hot on the heels of its announcement at the Tokyo Motor Show 2013, the Daihatsu KOPEN future included concept car makes an appearance in the Mini 4WD line-up! The concept car has a unique twist, whereby owners can easily change the car's body panels to alter the car's appearance, much like people change their clothes. The vehicle has two stylish variants: the RMZ has a sporty, smooth and flowing silhouette, while the XMZ showcases a more aggressive and tough-looking form.

Our particular model here, the XMZ, utilizes the adaptable Super-II chassis which features silver-colored wheels and low-profile tires for a sharp finish.

  • XMZ features a Red body
  • Length: 150mm, Width: 97mm
  • Seat and interior details
  • Requires 2 AA batteries
  • Gear ratio = 4:1