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Avante Mk.III Nero

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Item No: 18627 - 1/32 4WD Mini PRO Series No.27

Smart Money is on Black
This Mini 4WD Pro is one machine that will make you love racing. The centrally located double shaft motor effectively transmits power to all four wheels for optimum performance. The "One-Touch" three piece chassis requires no glue and is a breeze to assemble. You will enjoy the fast speed of this machine and its wide choice of settings. Also, the batteries are horizontally placed for improved center of gravity allowing for a more stable driving action at fast speeds.

The Avante Mk.III Nero has a light lightweight center chassis and 
an N-02 nose unit. The superbly designed Avante body features front and center wing tips as well as a small rear wing making it more aero dynamic for high speed racing. The black base color along with its gold and silver graphics finish off its slick dynamic form.

MS Chassis
The excellent three piece MS Chassis has its motor and battery loaded in the centerpiece, which provides superb stability at high speeds.

Two types of nose units available

●Length: 152mm ●Width: 92mm ●Double-shaft motor included ●Snap together assembly

Separately Required Items
●Two R6/AA/UM3 alkaline batteries