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Tamiya Friction Powered Car

Rp 277.000
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Item No: 70217 - Educational Construction Series

A Pretty Cool Project for Kids
This assembly kit creates an eco-friendly 3-wheeled car which runs on the inertia stored by its flywheel, with no need for motor or batteries! Spin the drive wheel or rear wheels to start the drive unit flywheel rotating, place the model on the ground, and watch the flywheel power the car forwards. The drive unit can power the car up to 15 meters, or 35 seconds. It has a top speed of around 1.8 seconds per meter (roughly 2km/h). Everything is included for easy snap-fit/screw-together assembly.

Cam-Controlled Fun
Fit the included Zig-Zag or Figure-8 cams to the underside, and let them control the course the car takes. Alternatively, create your own course by modifying the blank cam in this kit. Or to have the car go in one direction, simply lock the steering unit.


  • Assembly kit. Length: 141mm, width: 85mm, height: 67mm.
  • Transparent drive unit shows off the metal flywheel contained inside. The unit can be detached for use on other models.
  • The flywheel can power the model for approximately 20 meters maximum (around 35 seconds).
  • When fitted to the underside of the model, the included cams change its course. The kit comes with "zigzag" and "figure of eight" pattern cams, plus one spare which can be cut as you like for an original course.
  • Front wheel can be manually locked via a screw on the underside, to make the car proceed in a straight line.
  • Rubber ring tires are included for all 3 road wheels.
  • Includes parts needed for snap-fit and screw-together assembly process. Does not require cement.
  • Approximate top speed: 2km/h.