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Tamiya 1/10 FF-03 PRO Chassis Kit

Rp 2.150.000
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Item No: 58463 - 1/10 Electric RC Car Series No.463

The Next Generation FWD Chassis
Experience the crisp handling performance of this new FF chassis when cornering with the accelerator off. The longitudinal battery layout allows for a slim chassis design, with the R/C units loaded on either side for optimum balance. In addition, the front-mounted, compact gearbox provides the chassis with an ample amount of traction. An Inboard Front Suspension set-up with short reversible suspension arms and fiberglass nylon uprights from the TRF416 enable well balanced settings. Furthermore, TRF dampers, aluminum turnbuckle shafts, aluminum ball connectors, aluminum motor plate, etc. are all included to give this machine a PRO-spec finish. Take control of the FF-03 and enjoy a new driving experience.

Main Specifications

●TRF Special Dampers (Hard Black Coating) 
●Aluminum Turnbuckle Shafts 
●Aluminum Motor Plate (Blue) 
●Hi-Torque Servo Saver (Black) 
●Aluminum Horn For Hi-Torque Servo Saver 
●Aluminum Ball Connectors 
●Low-Friction Adjusters 
●Ball Differentials 
●Short Reversible Suspension Arms 
●Fiberglass-Reinforced Nylon Resin TRF416 Uprights 
●Full Ball Bearings

Front Section
Front section features the Inboard Front Suspension setup. The rocker bridge is equipped with stabilizer holders.

Ball Differential
Comes standard with an aluminum motor plate. The compact gearbox features a ball differential.

Longitudinally-Placed Battery
Longitudinal battery layout enabled the slim chassis design. R/C units are positioned on either side for optimum balance.

Adjustable Wheelbase
3 wheelbases (257, 245, 233mm) can be assembled by replacing rear block parts.

Rear Section
Option Parts suspension mounts can be used to enable fine suspension adjustment.

●Length: 384mm, Width: 185mm 
●3 Wheelbases are possible (257, 245, 233mm). 
●Tread (Front & Rear): 157mm 
●Bathtub Type Chassis Frame 
●Front Motor Front Wheel Drive 
●Ball Differential 
●3-Piece Steering Tie-Rod 
●4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension 
●TRF Dampers 
●Gear Ratio=6.80:1 
●Full Ball Bearings

Separately Required Items

  • Radio control system w/ ESC
  • 540 type motor and pinion gear
  • Charger, battery pack, and transmitter batteries
  • 1/10 Tamiya touring car body
  • Touring car wheels and tires

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