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Tamiya DX Robot Construction Set

Rp 815.000
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Item No:70177 - Educational Toy - Educational Construction Series No.177
4 Channels + 4 Motors = Endless Fun
This 4ch Remote Control Robot Construction Set DX includes everything you need to build your own robot with one of 3 types of crane arms. Riding on 2 wheels and 2 casters, the robot is ultra maneuverable, and both the robot's movement and crane arm operation are controlled via the new ergonomic 4ch 4stick Remote Controller. The assembly kit comes with easy-to-follow instructions to build either the Horizontal Clamp Arm type, Vertical Clamp Arm type, or the Bucket type crane arms, but if you use additional parts from Tamiya's other Educational Construction Series kits, you can easily build your own custom robot.

3 Types of Crane Arms

Horizontal Clamp Arm
This type features an arm that grasps items from the sides in a scissor-like action to lift and carry them.

Vertical Clamp Arm
This type features an arm that grasps items from above and is slightly more challenging to operate.

Bucket Arm
This type enables you to move many items at once. The bucket can be easily fabricated from the kit's packaging.

Set Contents
4ch 4stick Remote Controller, Single Gearbox x2, 4-Speed Crank Gearbox x2, Narrow Tires, Ball Casters, Universal Arm, Universal Plate, and more. The bucket can be made from the packaging box.

*Alkaline batteries for remote controller sold separately