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MFC-03 Euro-Style

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Item No: 56523 - Multi Function Control Unit
The popular Multi-Function Control (MFC) unit for RC tractor trucks, which adds a whole extra layer of realism to driving, receives an update. This unit allows transmitter trim levers to be combined with stick control use, meaning you can enjoy lights, sounds and vibrations coordinated with actions while driving your R/C tractor truck model. This version of the MFC features engine sounds which were recorded from a real European truck's L6 diesel engine for amazing realism.

  • Features 33 different types of sound, including engine ignition and shutdown, horn, gear changes, brakes, air sound effects and so on. A 60mm-diameter full-range speaker in a resin case provides excellent quality.
  • Up to 21 actions can be controlled using a 4-channel transmitter. Tamiya Attack 2.4 GHZ Radio System 4-channel recommended for best compatibility.
  • Light operation and volume adjustment are also possible using the transmitter.
  • Includes white, red and yellow high brightness LEDs to duplicate truck HID lights with precision.
  • An ESC has been built in to the unit, enabling realistic running at very low speeds.
  • The MFC unit can be run in three modes: R/C mode with Multi-Function (lights and sounds) off; Multi mode, with R/C and multi-function on; Demo mode, which allows display of lights and sounds only.
  • Can be used for support leg operation when employing Item 56505 Motorized Support Legs.
  • Cannot be used together with Item 53909 TLU-01 or Item 53937 TLU-02 LED light units.
  • Tamiya MFC-03 Control Unit 
  • Vibration Unit, Coupler Unit & Control Unit
  • Speaker & LED Lights 
  • Connectors, Mounting Hardware, & Instructions
  • 4-channel ground transmitter (self neutral stick type with 4-ch sliding trims) with 4-ch receiver 
  • Two servos (three if using #56505 (TAMC0655) Motorized Support Legs
  • Always use type 540 brushed motor supplied with tractor kit, or a motor sold in the 1/14 scale tractor Truck Option Parts series 
  • ESC and receiver battery not required with this control unit. 
  • Control unit not compatible with Tamiya Electrical Unit #56501 or the Tractor Truck Sound Effects Set #56510. 
  • Cannot be used with the Tamiya #53909 TLU-01 LED Light Unit or TLU-02 Light Control Unit #53937 because connector shapes differ and noise may occur leading to loss of model control.