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Honda City Turbo (WR-02C)

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Item No: 58611 - 1/10 Electric R/C Car
A Funky Blast from the Past!
This RC model assembly kit is a comical recreation of a racing version of Honda's 1983 release in Japan - the City Turbo. The tough resin body features crisp molding, and the kit includes a driver figure with helmet to add further mirth to proceedings. Stickers are provided to decorate the body of the car and the driver's helmet. The WR-02C chassis is a new one for this model, and it runs on tires with left-right asymmetric tread patterns.

Features an aluminum roof spoiler. A torque-tuned motor offers exciting performance.

At 185mm, the wheelbase for the WR-02C was specially set 15mm longer than on the standard WR-02.

Check out the friction-damped 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension.

Pre-assembled gearbox features an enclosed gear differential unit for smooth performance.

WR-02C Chassis - Wheelie Fun!
The 185mm wheelbase WR-02C chassis utilizes a sturdy monocoque frame which encompasses and protects the gearbox, enhanced by side members. The gear differential unit housed inside the sealed gearbox receives its power from the centerline-mounted motor, and passes it on to the rear wheels. A longitudinal position for the battery pack contributes to the model's optimal weight distribution to ensure that when the City Turbo accelerates in a hurry, it performs a dynamic and thrilling wheelie, cushioned by the wheelie roller bar to ensure that the car doesn't topple over. The steering servo is also positioned along the centerline of the chassis, using a 2 tie-rod setup for straightforward handling. The model also features 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension for a smooth ride. For ease of assembly, the gearbox and motor come pre-assembled.


  • Length: 345mm, Width: 210mm,Height: 165mm, Wheelbase: 185mm 
  • Tread: 165mm (Front), 170mm (Rear) 
  • Tire Width/Diameter: 35/70mm (Front), 42/70mm (Rear) 
  • Resin Monocoque Frame 
  • Rear-Wheel 2WD
  • 4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension
  • Front/Rear Friction Dampers
  • 2-Piece Steering Tie Rod
  • 3-Bevel Differentials ●Gear Ratio: 16.5:1


  • Electronic Speed Controller (Tamiya TBLE-02S) and Type 540 Motor

Separately Required Items

  • 2-Channel R/C System
  • R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter
  • Battery Pack & Charger