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Tamiya 0.4 Module Hard Coated Aluminium Pinion Gear (31T)

Rp 109.000

Item No: 42261 - RC Pinion Gear

This is an aluminum pinion gear. Lightweight gears are popular in modern R/C racing because they offer increased performance to any drivetrain that uses a pinion gear to drive the main transmission. The TRF (Tamiya Racing Factory) team in its search for ultimate performance has specified these gears to have a special coating that result in greater durability and their teeth minimize friction loss to ensure smooth, efficient power transfer. These gears are available in sizes 31T through 39T.

  • 04 Module Aluminum Pinion Gear x1
  • 3mm grub screw x1
  • Compatible with any Tamiya vehicle that uses 04 Module gears.