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1/6 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo

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Item No: 16041 - 1/6 Scale Motorcyle Model Assembly Kit

Get the Lo-Down on a Big Star 
The Harley-Davidson brand of motorcycles is synonymous with cruising along the wide-open highways that criss-cross the United States. With over 100 years of experience, the company has manufactured a number of famous models, one of them being the FLSTFB Fat Boy Lo. In order to bring to mind the looks of 1950s hard-tail frame (suspension-less) bikes, it features a soft-tail frame which artfully hides the dual shock absorbers in a horizontal position under the transmission, where they expertly cushion the Fat Boy's ride. Power is provided by one of Harley-Davidson's quintessential inventions, the V-Twin engine. The ever-popular retro look of the bike is underpinned by wide fenders, a headlight on a large nacelle and other accessories, while the low-down seat and black dish wheels complete the effect.

About the Model

  • 1/6 scale plastic model assembly kit of the Harley-Davidson FLSTFB Fat Boy Lo. 
  • Length: 400mm, Width: 168mm. 
  • Front fork is recreated combining 1-piece molded resin outer tube with metal parts, and offers authentic movement. 
  • 3 types of light parts are provided: clear, clear red and clear orange. 
  • Metal-plated handlebar and mirror stalk parts can be repositioned after assembly. 
  • V-Twin engine features precise recreation of cooling fins, which are stacked one upon the other for an exquisite finish. They are then attached by stud bolts to the crank case, along with the cylinders and cylinder heads. 
  • Fully movable rear suspension features 2 shocks with built-in springs. 
  • Drive belt is manufactured from genuine belt material. 
  • Realistic front and rear semi-pneumatic tires 
  • Includes recreations of brake, accelerator, ignition cables, fuel pipes and more.

The thrumming 45-degree V-Twin engine is depicted in impressive detail

Even the seat enjoys great realism, using a realistic soft resin material.

The large headlight is attached via a faithfully reproduced nacelle.

Brake lights and turn signals are depicted using clear red/orange parts.

Metal handlebar can be repositioned, even after assembly of the model.

Adjustable metal mirror stems are attached as on the actual bike.

Features movable shift pedal and sprung metal kickstand.

Large foot rest utilizes soft resin for accurate feel. Brake pedal is moveable.

Includes die-cast display stand which can also be used during assembly.

Comes with numerous metal parts, plus 3 wrenches for use in assembly.

Decals are included to recreate emblems, instrumentation, license plate and more.

Molded resin outer tubes are fitted with internal metal coil spring and shaft.

Moving suspension features rear dampers fitted accurately under transmission in a horizontal position.
※Images show specially-prepared cutaway model.

As on the actual motorcycle, the cylinders and heads are attached to the crank case via 4 stud bolts.

Cylinders and cylinder blocks are made up of 20 separate cooling fins.
※Image shows specially-prepared model.

■Tamiya Color paints for painting the Harley-Davidson® FLSTFB Fat Boy® Lo
Tamiya Color Tamiya Spray Color
(Item No.)
Acrylic Color
(Item No.)
Enamel Color
(Item No.)
Semi Gloss Black TS-29 (85029) X-18 (81518) X-18 (80018)

Tamiya Color Acrylic Colors
(Item No.)
Enamel Colors
(Item No.)
  Tamiya Color Acrylic Colors
(Item No.)
Enamel Colors
(Item No.)
X-1 Black 81501
80001   X-31 Titanium Gold 81531
X-2 White 81502
80002   XF-1 Flat Black 81701
X-8 Lemon Yellow 81508
80008   XF-16 Flat Aluminum 81716 80316
X-11 Chrome Silver 81511
80011   XF-70 Dark Green 2 81770
Items recommended when constructing this kit
  • Item 87062 Tamiya CA Cement (Quick Type)
  • Item 74061 Tamiya Metal Primer (Recommended for use on metal-plated wheel surfaces.)