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Tamiya 1/12 RM-01X Chassis Kit

Rp 2.900.000
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Item No:84335 - 1/12 RC Kit

Live to race!
The RM-01X features a number of parts designed to boost the chassis' racing prowess. The chassis features excellent durability thanks to numerous aluminum parts and carbon components such as the lower deck, lower brace and damper mount. Aluminum pitch and roll dampers are fitted as standard, and by changing damper oil and grease viscosities drivers can make precise adjustments to suspension performance. To bring out the best in the suspension, the kit includes carbon-reinforced front suspension arms. Not only that, but the ground clearance is adjustable using the kit-included spacers. This chassis really puts the driver in control.

The Direct-Drive 2WD RM-01 chassis is a 1/12 race car platform that features independent coil spring suspension and a PBLR (Pillow-Ball-Rear-Link) suspension. The platform is ideal for 1/12 club racing for both carpet and asphalt race tracks. Previously released as a basic assembly kit with iconic race car bodies such as the Toyota Tom's 84-C, Porsche 956 and Mazda 787-B, the RM-01X is a special "limited edition" race kit which includes a huge selection of the Hop-Up-Options available for the platform. The parts included bring out its maximum performance at the track. FRP parts are replaced with carbon parts to enhance chassis overall rigidity, and an aluminum motor mount offers increased motor attachment rigidity for optimum power transmission. Furthermore, carbon reinforced front suspension arms provide optimized suspension effect.

Featured Components

  • 2.5mm Carbon Lower Deck 
  • 2.5mm Carbon Lower Brace 
  • 3.0mm Carbon Rear Body Mount Plate 
  • 2.5mm Carbon Damper Mount Plate 
  • Carbon Rear Shaft 
  • Aluminum Rear Shaft Spacer 
  • Aluminum Motor Mount 
  • Type 380 Motor 
  • Aluminum Pitch Damper Set 
  • F104 Aluminum HE Roll Damper 
  • 3x32mm Aluminum Turnbuckle Shaft 
  • Aluminum Wheel Nuts 
  • Fluorine-Coated 5mm Aluminum Short Ball Nuts M2 
  • Front Ground Clearance Spacer Set 
  • Black Wheels 
  • Carbon Reinforced N Parts (Front Suspension Arm)


Features carbon-reinforced resin front suspension arms, with aluminum spacers to facilitate more precise settings.

Uses aluminum pitch and roll dampers, and carbon damper/body mount plates.

Motor mount is made from aluminum; rear shaft and lower brace from carbon.

Other included parts: 4mm Titanium Screws, 3mm Hex Screws, Hi-Torque Servo Saver, Aluminum wheel nuts and Aluminum turnbuckle shafts


  • Length: 267mm, Width: 167mm, Wheelbase: 201mm 
  • Tread: 137mm (Front), 132mm (Rear) 
  • 2.5mm thick Carbon Lower Deck 
  • Horizontally-Mounted Motor, Rear Direct-Drive 2WD 
  • Ball Differential 
  • Symmetrical Steering Tie-Rods 
  • Front Kingpin Coil Spring & Pivot Ball Link Rear Suspension 
  • Gear Ratio=4.50:1 (when used with 14T pinion and 63T spur gears) 
  • Type 380 Motor not included 
  • Requires an Electronic Speed Controller (sold separately)

Separately Required Items

  • 2-Channel R/C Unit with ESC 
  • Batteries for transmitter 
  • Battery Pack & Charger 
  • Body & Tires 
  • Type 380 Motor