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Tamiya 1/10 DB01 RR Buggy 4WD Chassis Kit

Rp 4.400.000
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Item No: 84369 - 1/10 Electric 4WD Buggy (Competition)

Go Off the Beaten Track - In Comfort!
This is a high-potential, racing spec 2-belt 4WD off-road buggy chassis which traces its roots back to the original DB01 chassis and the TRF501X, plus is compatible with square-shaped battery packs. The included high-capacity big bore aeration dampers provide superior shock absorption and work in tandem with the aluminum suspension block and aluminum suspension mounts to give the buggy outstanding off-road toughness and drivability. A slipper clutch provides great acceleration, even on surfaces with poor grip, and the model uses front/rear gear differential units as well as reinforced drive belts and assembly universal shafts. It's just asking for you to take it off-road for a spin!

Featured Components

  • Lower Deck compatible with square-shaped batteries 
  • Big Bore Aeration Dampers (Front/Rear) 
  • Gear Differential Units (Front/Rear) 
  • Item 54039 DB01 Aluminum Suspension Block (2pcs.) 
  • Item 54037 DB01 Aluminum Suspension Mount (Front) 
  • Item 54038 DB01 Aluminum Suspension Mount (Rear) 
  • Item 54018 DB01 Slipper Clutch Set 
  • Item 54015 DB01 Assembly Universal Shaft (Front) 
  • Item 54016 DB01 Assembly Universal Shaft (Rear) 
  • Item 54040 DB01 Motor Heat Sink 
  • Item 54140 DB01 Reinforced Drive Belt

Lower deck is designed to make the chassis compatible with square-shaped batteries.

High-spec, high performance big bore aeration dampers for a stable drive.

Features both front and rear gear differentials, plus a center-mounted slipper clutch.

The toughness of the suspension emanates from its aluminum block and mounts.


  • Chassis Length: 357mm 
  • Chassis Width: 251mm 
  • Wheelbase: 280mm 
  • Fiber-Glass Reinforced Nylon Resin Frame 
  • 2 Belt-Driven 4WD 
  • Front & Rear Gear Differentials 
  • Front & Rear Big Bore Aeration Dampers 
  • Gear Ratio = 8.13:1 (23T), 11.00:1 (17T) 
  • Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) sold separately

Separately Required Items

  • 2-Channel R/C System w/ ESC 
  • R6/AA/UM3 batteries for transmitter 
  • Battery Pack & Charger 
  • Body 
  • Wheels & Tires 
  • Type 540 Motor