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Panaracer PR Spur Gear 64p 104T

Rp 90.000
Item No: PRS-6-104 - RC Spur Gear

Perfect material and design for most 1/10 EP Touring Cars includes VBC WildFire, Xray, Serpent, Yokomo, Hot Bodies, etc.

Ultra durable and silent.


It is a lineup of 32 kinds of tough specifications to meet the hard requirements.

The PR 64 pitch spur gears are the spurs of best high durability with a high degree of accuracy, the shape and material thoroughly in order to respond to delicate feeling and linear sense.

"Smooth feeling" unprecedented feature 64 pitch in particular. It meets the demands for minimum power lost and linear sense of touring car and other on-road racing car in particular.

PR stand for Panasonic Poly Technology, Inc. "PR spur gear" has been designed considering the suitability of material, accuracy, to any machine.

It is matched to the touring car which demand delicate linear sense of feeling, and meet to drift car which demand power and speed direct.