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OS Speed B21 TY2 Engine Combo Set w/ T-2090SC Tuned Pipe - 1/8 Buggy off road

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Item No: 1A20A - RC Car Nitro Engine Combo Set

Lower Center of Gravity & Better Fuel Consumption!

  • Based on OS SPEED B2101, 5.8 mm carburetor reducer compatible with fuel efficiency performance is included as standard.
  • Silver anodized finish heat sink head designed exclusively for Ty Tessmann
  • Crankcase & crankshaft with laser marking Tessman's logo, a proof of special engine
  • The new low-profile cooling head (17mm lower than that of B2101) creates much lower car's center of gravity, which drastically improves car handling without sacrificing cooling performance.
  • The newly designed carburetor also improves fuel mileage. Ten-minute drive per fuel tank is not just a privilege for the top drivers anymore.
  • In response to his request, the combo set adopts a 90mm long manifold, contributing to fuel economy in addition to stable idling. 
  • Combo includes T-2090SC Tuned Silencer and M2000SC Exhaust Manifold

Displacement: 0.211 cu (3.46 cc) 
Bore: 0.646 in (16.40 mm) 
Stroke: 0.646 in (16.40 mm) 
Practical RPM: 4,000-42,000 
Power Output: 2.65 PS/2.61 hp @ 34,000 rpm
Weight: 356g/12.59oz


  • O.S. Engines Speed B21 TY2 Engine with P3 Turbo Glow Plug
  • Muffler: T-2090SC
  • Manifold: M2000SC Long Manifold 90mm
  • 5.8mm Carburetor Reducer
  • Exhaust Seal Ring
  • One each 3mm, 16mm and 18mm Dust Caps
  • Instruction Manual

Carburetor Settings: (Carburetor is preset from factory and should only require very small adjustments) 
Needle Valve: 3 turns open from fully closed 
Mixture Control Valve: One turn screwed in from flush position with carb body 
Metering Needle: 0.3-0.4mm protruding from flush position with carb body 
Throttle Stop Screw: Approximately 0.5mm from carb body when viewed from above