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MuchMore CTX-C Master Andy Moore LiPo Battery Charger(PP) (Li-Po/Ni-Mh/Ni-Cd )

Rp 1.000.000
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Item No: MM-CTXCP - RC Car Battery Charger

PEAK CHARGE························Super linear charge(3 memories-customizable)
CTX CHARGE··························1/3-2/3-3/3 step charge(3 steps charge, 3 memories-customizable)
Li-Ion &Polimer CHARGE···········upto 11.1V(3cell), 1A charge, discharge
DISCHARGE····························0.1~10A , 0.1~6.0V cutoff
CYCLE····································up to 3 times repeatition
LAST DATA······························save CHG, DCH, CYC data
Input·······································DC 10.0-16V
Cell nunber······························1-8cells, 0.1-10A charge, 0.1-10A discharge

Our brand new charger CELL MASTER is the perfect battery management unit for Charging and discharging all Ni-MH&NiCD. It has exclusive functions including all latest technology of current chargers.

Cycle(1~3 times), Latest data display. Peak sensitivity 3mV/pack~99mV/pack, Zero delta peak Auto start timer charge(count down) Auto repeak(0~3) comes with delay time and capacity limit Trickle(on/off)-0.1A Flex charge(off~9 steps) Temp. sensor included.(15~70deg.C) Temp. start(for cold batteries) Capacity cut, Temp cut, Peak cut,Negavolt (one of four message is shown after charge) Key tones off~3, 3 kind of selectable melody for start, end, error. IC controlled cooling dual ball bearing fans. Charge Amp, capacity, delta peak, Temp. cutoff, fan starting Temp. values can be changed during Peak charge. Black back lit LCD, Gold plated alligator clips in/output, Blue state indicator LED Fan/Battery warmer control output Easy key operations Input and output protection against overloads, reverse polarity and short circuits,low or high input voltage, low battery temperature. Also, the auto restart system after power failure.