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LRP 7500 - TC Stock Spec - 110C/55C - 7.4V LiPo - 1/10 Competition Car Line Hardcase

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Item No: 430217 - RC Car Battery Pack

LRP sets technological trends with innovative development work in the area of high-end batteries. RC racers can take profit from two brand new lines now.

The Stock Spec line batteries feature the highest voltage output. This pushes the car to maximum acceleration and top speed. Your competitors and spectators at the track will be completely astonished by your lap times!

The LRP 7500 TC Stock Spec is THE innovation for 1/10 touring car Stock competition racing. In Stock, it’s the battery that makes the difference!

Complying with the rules of the following federations: IFMAR / EFRA / DMC / BRCA / LRP-HPI-Challenge / LRP-Offroad-Challenge

Stock Spec: Specially developed for stock racing classes with highest possible voltage output for maximum speed and acceleration
HDS-2 - Advanced High Density Stacking technology: High voltage level and low internal resistance
110C/55C LiPo power: No memory effect, extremely long lifetime
3C Charge current: Safe and fast recharge
FREE Gold Works Team connectors included
4mm gold coated connectors
Durable, see-through, hardcase made of high-quality synthetic material
2mm gold coated balancing connector
LRP quality approved

Weight: 324g
Nominal voltage: 7.4V
C-rate: 30C
Charge current: 3C
Style: StockSpec Stickpack
Dimensions: 139x47x25,1mm
Capacity: 7500mAh
Balancing connector: 2mm gold
Connector: 4mm gold
Application: 1/10 Stock racing