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Kyosho (KO-Propo) Transmitter PERFEX EX-5UR ASF 2.4 GHz for Mini-Z & dNaNo

Rp 1.500.000
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Item No: 82011 - RC Radio Control System (Kyosho Mini-Z & dNaNo)

Multifunction ASF 2.4GHz transmitter takes the MINI-Z and dNaNo to maximum speed.  Lightning fast signal processing and range of setting options put an extra advantage in your hands!

Without the need to manage frequency bands, the ‘Perfex EX5UR ASF’ 2.4GHz transmitter is fully equipped for the intensity of competitive racing. With internal memory to store settings for 7 models, this single transmitter provides central control for any 2.4GHz dNaNo or MINI-Z model. In addition, the direct digital signal provides lightning fast processing, unlike transmitters that convert to an analog signal. This delivers almost immediate response to steering and throttle control, giving you an extra edge in racing. Key setting functions are also easily managed with four buttons and an LCD screen while the lightweight and low center of gravity design reduces the effects of fatigue on drive feel. With the Perfex EX-5UR ASF your MINI-Z and dNaNo can be faster than ever before!

Lightweight design with low center of gravity and optimal mass balance makes it easy to handle for an additional advantage in endurance racing.

Size and font on the LCD screen provides easier setting and selection of functions.

Four simple buttons allow effective setting and selection of the various functions.

Position of steering wheel and trigger supports easier control. Optional wheels can also be attached.

Separate battery box (AA-sized batteries x 8 sold separately) can be detached for easy access and fast loading of fresh batteries.

Steering Setting Functions

  • Steering Monitor
  • Steering Dual Rate (Left/right settings can be adjusted separately or simultaneously)
  • Steering Travel (Left/right settings can be adjusted separately or simultaneously)
  • Steering Curve (Adjusts the initial steering response)
  • Steering Speed (Adjusts the steering speed)
  • Sub Trim
Throttle System Setting Functions
  • Throttle Monitor 
  • Throttle High Point
  • Brake
  • Curve (forward side)
  • Curve (reverse side)
  • ABS (pumping brake support function allows adjustment of brake power and speed)
Other Functions
  • 7-model memory
  • Reverse
  • Model Name
  • Model Copy
  • Model Reset
  • Adjust Volume
  • Can be used with 2.4GHz MINI-Z or dNaNo following a simple pairing (binding process)

Sold Separately

  • Chassis (MINI-Z/ dNaNo series)
  • Batteries for transmitter (AA-sized batteries x 8)
  • Alkaline of Ni-MH batteries for chassis (AAA-sized batteries x 4)

Technical data

  • Length 185mm
  • Width 90mm
  • Height 280mm
  • Weight 520 grams