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Hotshot (2007)

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Item No: 58391 - 1/10 RC Car Kit

An R/C Legend Returns!
With its aggressive-looking body design and low center of gravity, the Hotshot, Tamiya's first shaft-driven 4WD R/C buggy, made waves when it was introduced in 1985. The unique 3-piece chassis included such innovative features as front/rear mono-shock oil dampers, 4-wheel double wishbone suspension equipped with stabilizers, and front/rear fully-enclosed gearboxes equipped with thrust ball bearings and differential gears. A wide array of Option Parts were produced especially for modifying the Hotshot, and the machine became something that every youth at that time dreamed of. Fans have clamored for a re-release of the epoch-making R/C car, and Tamiya now brings back this legend to let fans relive their childhood memories.

An Old Dog with New Tricks!
Tamiya designers have given the Hotshot a makeover, replacing older, harder to assemble parts with modern equivalents but still keeping true to the spirit of the original Hotshot. While the front/rear double wishbone suspensions and adjustable mono-shock oil dampers remain the same, the drivetrain features modern dog bone type propeller shafts for enhanced reliability. The oil dampers have also been changed to the more modern diaphragm type. Also, with the use of a modern ESC, the original Hotshot's rear aluminum heat sink was no longer necessary. However, the Hotshot would not look the same without it, so our solution was to install a dummy part to remain faithful to the original look. Take this updated Hotshot out for a spin and compare it to today's R/C buggies to experience how far this hobby has developed!

New, more efficient dog bone type front/rear drive shafts and propeller shaft.

Progressive type rear suspension features pushrod and connecting plate.

You can see the dummy aluminum heat sink clearly in this rear view.

Front/rear mono-shocks feature diaphragm type oil dampers and feature adjustable springs.

Kit includes metal maintenance stand bars, which can be used together with the battery holder to lift the car.


  • Length: 390mm, width: 235mm, height: 150mm, Weight: 1,270g 
  • F/R Tread: 194mm 
  • Tire Width/Diameter: 28/82mm (Front), 34/82mm (Rear)
  • ABS Monocoque Frame, Shaft-Driven 4WD, F/R 3-Bevel Differentials 
  • 2-Piece Steering Tie-Rod 
  • 4-Wheel Double Wishbone Suspension 
  • Gear Ratio=8.1:1, 10.04:1 
  • Type 540 Motor


  • Electronic Speed Controller (Tamiya TEU-101BK) and 540-J Motor

Separately Required Items:

  • 2-channel R/C system
  • Battery pack and charger
  • Batteries for transmitter
  • Polycarbonate body paint