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Futaba 2PHKA MJ 2-Ch AM 27MHz with R-162JE Receiver and 2 S3003 Servos

Rp 750.000

Item No: 07006492-3 - RC Radio Control System

This is Futaba's 2PHKA MJ (Megatech Junior) 2-channel AM pistol grip radio with 2 S3003 standard servos.


  • Rotary steering and throttle trims.
  • 2 LED battery indicators
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design reduces fatigue and improves control
  • Red rubber grip at the fingertips
  • Servo reversing switches hidden behind smoked panel
  • Dual Rate Steering function allows adjustment of the steering travel of your model
  • Automatic Travel Volume (ATV) allows user to adjust maximum travel of a servo to either side of its neutral position
  • End Point Adjustment (EPA) for steering and throttle


  • 1 2PHKA AM Transmitter with battery holder
  • 1 R-162JE AM Receiver
  • 1 Crystal set
  • 1 Receiver battery box w/ red BEC connector
  • 2 S3003 servos
  • 1 Flag set
  • 1 Switch harness
  • 1 Transmitter antenna
  • 1 Battery holder

Requires: 8 AA batteries

S3003 Servo (Standard Servo)

  • Power Requirement: 4.8V or 6V (common with receiver)
  • Current Drain: 8mA (AT 6v/ldle)
  • Output Torque: 3.2kg-cm (at 4.8V)
  • Operating Speed: 0.23sec/60 degree (at 4.8V)
  • Size: 40.4x19.8x36mm
  • Weight: 37.2g
R162JE Receiver (2Channels, AM Reciever)
  • Receiving Frequency: 27MHz
  • Power Requiremnet: 6V
  • Size: 47.2x33.3x17.3mm
  • Weight: 16.6g
  • Transmitter cannot convert for left handed use
  • Transmitter's current drain is 250mA
  • Transmitter has charging jack