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Arrowmax Tool Base Black Golden

Rp 432.000
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Item No: AM-171053 - Tool Base

Available in our latest Black Golden edition, based on the popular V2 version, our tools base has been helping thousands on turning their pit desk into an organized and tidy workplace. Our Version 2 design goes one step further: by including special slots for our ever popular AM-190031 Multi Shock Clamp and our V2 line of Turnbuckle wrench. Placing and founding the right tools cannot be easier.

Designed to fit 4x22mm handle (7mm Socket Driver, Reamer, etc.), 4x14mm handle (60mm Tools), and 12 pieces 18mm handle tools. Plus your Multi Shock Tools and 3x our V2 line of Turnbuckle wrench.

One base, 24 tools!

*Tools not included (base only)