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Arrowmax (Graphene Pro) Lipo 5200mAh 2S TC Low Profile - 7.4V 65C Continuous 130C Burst

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Item No: AM-700705 - RC Car Battery Pack

Lipo Batteries are ever growing, Arrowmax is proud to announce its first graphene chemistry base Lipo battery, pushing the boundaries of modern day Lipo technology to a new level. Graphene has many extraordinary properties, it is about 100 times stronger than the strongest steel and nearly transparent, but what makes it really stands out on the Lipo front are the exceptional capability and efficiency on conducing heat and electricity.

The benefit of this new chemistry means our Lipo have very low internal resistance which everyone is looking for, while heat and resistance are the key elements affecting the battery performance. With this technology breakthrough, not only does it enhance our battery performance and at the same time run a lot cooler under load, this in-turn gives you a feeling of higher power and capacity during high discharge-rate condition, the perfect solution for professional and demanding racers. Graphene LiPo batteries works on normal standard LiPo battery charger and no additional adjustment is needed.

  • Batteries come in a low profile hard case, with a lower CG, it will aid the performance of the chassis by providing a more stable feeling. 
  • "5mm" gold plated plugs to aid lowering internal resistance. 
  • Size 139mm x 47mm x 22.5mm.
  • Avaliable in 5200mAh 2S packs with 65C continuous and 130C burst rate.