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Arrowmax Allen Wrench Set 1.5, 2.0, 2.5 & 3.0 x 120mm (4 Pieces)

Rp 370.000

Item No: AM-110991 - Allen Wrench Set


  • AM-110115, Allen Wrench 1.5 X 120mm
  • AM-110120, Allen Wrench 2.0 X 120mm
  • AM-110125, Allen Wrench 2.5 X 120mm
  • AM-110130, Allen Wrench 3.0 X 120mm

Purple anodized hollow aluminium handle, light weight non-slip hollow, hard anodized aluminum handles with size indication rings. Machined special spring steel for long life and excellent torsion. Sturdy and convenient to use. The tips securely lock the screw in its place. Aluminum handle end caps that rotate in the palm of your hand for comfort and control.