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Tamiya 1/700 U.S. Navy Battleship BB-63 Missouri (Finished Model)

Rp 785.000
Item No: 21028 - Model Ship (Finished)

The Last Surrender
Commissioned in 1944, the USS Missouri, or "Mighty Mo", measured 270m long and 33m wide and boasted an amazing output of 212,000hp. For her main armament, she had three turrets of 50 caliber 40.6cm Mk7 triple guns, ten turrets of 38 caliber 12.7cm Mk28 double guns, twenty turrets of 40mm quadruple guns and forty-nine 20mm machine guns. After taking part in many significant battles, including the Iwo Jima landings, she bombarded the Japanese mainland and capital before entering Tokyo Bay on August 29, 1945. On September 2, a Japanese delegation came aboard the Missouri to sign an unconditional surrender, bringing an official close to WWII and ensuring Missouri her place in history. The BB-63 Missouri later served in the Korean War and, after being refit with modern electronics and weapons systems, the 1991 Gulf War. She is now preserved as a museum in Hawaii.

About the Model
  • Fully assembled 1/700 scale model of the BB-63 Missouri, fully pre-painted with markings pre-applied.
  • All details including main guns, anti-aircraft guns, mast, bridge and radar reproduced in immaculate detail and accuracy.
  • Two-tone Measure 22 camouflage, depicts the Missouri as she stood during the signing of Japan's surrender.
  • 2 Curtis SC-1 Seahawk floatplanes included as accessories.
  • Comes with a beautifully finished wooden display stand. 
  • Overall length: 386.5mm
Masterwork Collection Series
This series is comprised of completely finished models. Built by the Tamiya Expert modelers, each one is a collectors dream. Only an experienced modeler could come close to matching this detail.

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