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Tamiya Insect Battle Set 2-Channel Remote Control

Rp 692.000
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Item No: 71120 - Educational Robotic Series

Get Ready to Rumble!
This robot set comes with a Rhinoceros Beetle and a Stag Beetle, both of which can be controlled via their own 2-channel remote controllers. All you need to assemble these robots is a screwdriver, since the gearboxes and motors are already pre-assembled. Decorate the beetles with the special metallic stickers that come with the set and then send them to your own wrestling arena, which can be made with the included sheet that recreates a natural tree stump surface.

Exciting Insect Movement
Both beetle robots come with separate gearboxes to operate the left and right legs individually, with link rods connecting the front and rear legs with the middle leg. Link rods are also used to connect the head section, enabling fun bobbing (Rhinoceros Beetle) and opening/closing (Stag Beetle) actions. Clear parts enable viewing of the internal mechanisms and the 2-channel remote controller makes for easy and intuitive control.

  • Set includes one 2-Channel Remote Control Rhinoceros Beetle and one 2-Channel Remote Control Stag Beetle, both featuring parts made from durable plastic molded in new eye-catching colors to distinguish them from the previously released individual items.
  • Forward/reverse and left/right movement produced by 2 motors in pre-assembled gearboxes, which are controlled by a 2-stick, 2-channel remote controller with self-neutral function.
  • Screwdriver is included to make assembly even easier.
  • Battle ring can be conveniently created from the set's package box for instant action.
  • New colorful sticker set included to enable fans to decorate their beetles and battle ring

Specifications of each beetle

  • Length: about 175mm
  • Height: about 80mm
  • Width: about 110mm
  • Motor type 130 x 2
  • Requires AA batteries (sold separately)

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